In the Beginning

I have always wanted to go dog sledding. In March of 2016 I had the opportunity to actually go dog sledding up at Brigham Young University – Idaho, at the outdoor learning center. After going on that adventure I decided to perform more research on dog sledding and my favorite dog, a Siberian Husky. After doing that I have found a new found passion for dog sledding.

I really wanted to make an infographic that I was passionate about. I was debating about doing something with photography, however, I decided to do something that people wouldn’t know as much about. I therefore chose to do dog sledding. I really wanted to be able to inform other people about something that they didn’t know much about. I have always wanted a Siberian Husky and have had the chance to actually do dog sledding.

The main problems that I had was taking ideas and turning them into actual designs. I mainly tried to sketch a lot, even though I’m not good at it. I also¬† then took my design to my instructor to get his feedback and suggestions. The main solutions that I came up with was designing and then seeking suggestions. I only used Adobe Illustrator for my project. I didn’t know of any other way for me to do what I envisioned.


As I was planning my project I first started out by looking for inspiration on some of the things that I could design. I then started to draw out the different things that I was going to design on my project. I am not very good at sketching, however, I do try my best just so I can know how to design it better. Below are my sketches for this project.


The designing aspect of this project was the thing that took me so much time to do. I am kind of a and so I want everything to be just perfect. Therefore I started started designing and having images on my board for me to use as a reference. In the beginning I felt like something was missing. I then went to my teacher for some advice and help.

Rough Draft

Final Draft

Color Scheme

I chose the following color scheme below due to the fact that they would stand out on the “snow” background, as well as a lot of the lines and harnesses are along these same colors.


I designed everything that is included on my infographic. I did use reference images to attempt to get my icons to look as close to the real thing as I could, but having it still be iconic. Overall I was extremely pleased with how they all turned out. Below are close ups of the icons that I made for this project.


Through making this infographic I loved being able to solidify my knowledge, understanding, and skills of Adobe Illustrator. I also loved being able to put together information that most people wouldn’t know about dog sledding. I really liked I developed a greater understanding of flow with infographics. I really liked trying to incorporate different aspects of dog sledding in my infographic, such as the hills at the top and bottom of my infographic.