We were asked to keep an eye out for products that we could possibly redesign a package for. I have really been looking forward to some snow here in Rexburg and to Christmas so I bought myself a pine scented candle, which was very plainly designed. Therefore, I decided to do a new label for the candle.  My target audience is adults who enjoy candles, and the smell of pine, as well as like the snow. I chose this because I know that I personally think of snow when I smell pine scented anything due to Christmas trees.

I chose to redesign the label due to the fact that I feel like the current label is very bland and doesn’t really catch anyone’s attention. Therefore, that was an idea that I kept in mind as I redesigned the label. For my inspiration I mainly just googled “Candle labels” which i then took little pieces from different labels. As far as color schemes I used a blueish green that was in the image of the trees that I used and white. The black box around the edge of the colors is just to make sure that the white was visible.


When I first started my design, I had originally intended to do a see through label. I love being able to see the flame in the candle and so I had originally planned on just doing white however I was advised to change it and possibly add in a picture and then use a picture for the whole label. As I followed this advice I tried just keeping the image in a circle, however, this reminded me too much of the current product label, and therefore followed further advice to have the image go the length of the whole label. Here is an image of the progress of my project from my illustrator document:

Final Product

I am actually very happy with the design that came out. I am grateful for all of the help that I received from each of my classmates who provided feedback for me as well as my instructor. I know that the new label is kind of similar, however, I believe that people will want to buy my product due to the fact that the candle can act as a decoration, on top of making things smell good. Here is a flat image of my final design:

When I put it actually on the candle jar I ended up having to trim just a hair. I was not able to accurately measure the correct amount of paper that it would take to cover the jar. This however was not really that much of a problem due to the fact that I left room for things to be trimmed if I needed to. Here are pictures of the before and after of my candle. I did not include a before back side of the candle, due to there being nothing but glass there.