Favorite Stock Image

I chose this image as my favorite this semester because it has a little bit of a story to it. I know that police officers have a little bit of a step guide to the amount of force that they are allowed to use with different people, based off of the amount of force that the suspect is showing them. I wanted to capture some of the methods that police have to use in their everyday work. I am grateful for the police and the safety that they provide us. I’m sorry that they are being threatened so much in our generation. That is not how it should be.

Top 10 Stock Photos

This semester I have had the chance to take a stock phtography class where I have learned different techniques for getting pictures that other people may like. I have also developed more of my own editing style, which I have liked the most, due to the fact that it has helped me to find the editing style that can make me stand out.  Below are my favorite top 10 images.

IMG_1766-Edit JosephWamsley-Alex JosephWamsley-Cuffs-Batton-Bullets JosephWamsley-Food JosephWamsley-MountainGoat JosephWamsley-Rachael-Maternity JosephWamsley-SnowBlower JosephWamsley-Truck JosephWamsley(Gun) Light-Tent-White-Background

Candle Product Redesign


We were asked to keep an eye out for products that we could possibly redesign a package for. I have really been looking forward to some snow here in Rexburg and to Christmas so I bought myself a pine scented candle, which was very plainly designed. Therefore, I decided to do a new label for the candle.  My target audience is adults who enjoy candles, and the smell of pine, as well as like the snow. I chose this because I know that I personally think of snow when I smell pine scented anything due to Christmas trees.

I chose to redesign the label due to the fact that I feel like the current label is very bland and doesn’t really catch anyone’s attention. Therefore, that was an idea that I kept in mind as I redesigned the label. For my inspiration I mainly just googled “Candle labels” which i then took little pieces from different labels. As far as color schemes I used a blueish green that was in the image of the trees that I used and white. The black box around the edge of the colors is just to make sure that the white was visible.


When I first started my design, I had originally intended to do a see through label. I love being able to see the flame in the candle and so I had originally planned on just doing white however I was advised to change it and possibly add in a picture and then use a picture for the whole label. As I followed this advice I tried just keeping the image in a circle, however, this reminded me too much of the current product label, and therefore followed further advice to have the image go the length of the whole label. Here is an image of the progress of my project from my illustrator document:

Final Product

I am actually very happy with the design that came out. I am grateful for all of the help that I received from each of my classmates who provided feedback for me as well as my instructor. I know that the new label is kind of similar, however, I believe that people will want to buy my product due to the fact that the candle can act as a decoration, on top of making things smell good. Here is a flat image of my final design:

When I put it actually on the candle jar I ended up having to trim just a hair. I was not able to accurately measure the correct amount of paper that it would take to cover the jar. This however was not really that much of a problem due to the fact that I left room for things to be trimmed if I needed to. Here are pictures of the before and after of my candle. I did not include a before back side of the candle, due to there being nothing but glass there.


Dog Sledding Infographic

In the Beginning

I have always wanted to go dog sledding. In March of 2016 I had the opportunity to actually go dog sledding up at Brigham Young University – Idaho, at the outdoor learning center. After going on that adventure I decided to perform more research on dog sledding and my favorite dog, a Siberian Husky. After doing that I have found a new found passion for dog sledding.

I really wanted to make an infographic that I was passionate about. I was debating about doing something with photography, however, I decided to do something that people wouldn’t know as much about. I therefore chose to do dog sledding. I really wanted to be able to inform other people about something that they didn’t know much about. I have always wanted a Siberian Husky and have had the chance to actually do dog sledding.

The main problems that I had was taking ideas and turning them into actual designs. I mainly tried to sketch a lot, even though I’m not good at it. I also  then took my design to my instructor to get his feedback and suggestions. The main solutions that I came up with was designing and then seeking suggestions. I only used Adobe Illustrator for my project. I didn’t know of any other way for me to do what I envisioned.


As I was planning my project I first started out by looking for inspiration on some of the things that I could design. I then started to draw out the different things that I was going to design on my project. I am not very good at sketching, however, I do try my best just so I can know how to design it better. Below are my sketches for this project.


The designing aspect of this project was the thing that took me so much time to do. I am kind of a and so I want everything to be just perfect. Therefore I started started designing and having images on my board for me to use as a reference. In the beginning I felt like something was missing. I then went to my teacher for some advice and help.

Rough Draft

Final Draft

Color Scheme

I chose the following color scheme below due to the fact that they would stand out on the “snow” background, as well as a lot of the lines and harnesses are along these same colors.


I designed everything that is included on my infographic. I did use reference images to attempt to get my icons to look as close to the real thing as I could, but having it still be iconic. Overall I was extremely pleased with how they all turned out. Below are close ups of the icons that I made for this project.


Through making this infographic I loved being able to solidify my knowledge, understanding, and skills of Adobe Illustrator. I also loved being able to put together information that most people wouldn’t know about dog sledding. I really liked I developed a greater understanding of flow with infographics. I really liked trying to incorporate different aspects of dog sledding in my infographic, such as the hills at the top and bottom of my infographic.

Rexburg Temple

Rexburg temple surrounded by Storm Clouds

This weekend we experienced quite a bit of rain here in Rexburg.  On Sunday night we had storm clouds over us, however the detail and texture that were in the clouds was fantastic.  I was actually out on a walk around the park a little before I realized how good of photo opportunity that I could have had.  I then went back to my apartment and grabbed my tripod and camera.  I then took another walk up to the temple where I was able to capture some amazing photos.  I was also able to find a website that has quite a few fantastic pictures of the Rexburg LDS Temple.

For the image below I had my camera set to bump up my saturation a little.  I also had my camera set for ISO 100 to keep as much detail in my image as I could without bringing in noise.  After setting up my camera, I took quite a few different pictures, however I liked the position of the temple below.  When I decided on the proper location, I then decided that I wanted good lighting on the temple as well as keeping the detail and darkness in the sky took.  Therefore I took 2 pictures of the same frame and then combined them in Photoshop.  Below is my first edit of my picture:

Rexburg Temple

When I was talking with one of my instructors he recommended a few other edits that I could potentially do the the image.  I decided to do those edits and ended up with the following image:

Rexburg Idaho temple surrounded by storm clouds

I personally really like both, however I really do like the less saturation under the pavilion.

Rexburg Temple (Underexposed slightly) Rexburg Temple (Slightly over exposed)

COMM 316 Portfolio

COMM 316 Portfolios are a great way to show off our work

Throughout this semester we were tasked with learning different things and learning who we are as photographers.  One of the thing that I learned this semester is food photography is actually really fun.  I also learned that it is very satisfying to see people buy your work printed and be able to see it put up on peoples walls.  I also learned that our COMM 316 portfolios are a great way to be able to show how much we have progressed, whether that be from the beginning of the semester to now, or looking back later and seeing where we were compared to where we are then.  As far as this semester is concerned, I learned a lot as far as taking portraits is concerned.  I learned that they really aren’t that hard with a lot of practice with posing.  I also learned a lot more about editing landscape photos to be able to have other people enjoy them and want to put them on display in their homes and offices.  As I was trying to figure out what to use for my portfolio post, I found a great website for advice on deciding what to include in a portfolio.  Below are images that I have chosen to include in my portfolio post:


White Trees

Sunrise Golden Trees


Pregnant Woman holding stomach


Lettuce and bacon

Girl spinning in blue dress

Apartment with landscape

Girl dressed in white In snow

Girl posing on porch wind blowing

Couple kissing by american flag

Night Landscape, with stars

Full Client

Full Clients are Important for photographers

For my full client shoot I decided to attempt to sell or give away a couple of my photos.  I had arranged with my boss to be able to sell one of my images in a large size.  I ended up selling him a 24×36 print that was printed on metal.  I then was able to sell that image to him.  For that specific image it took me about 3-5 hours combined to edit the image.  I also ended up printing an image on metallic paper for my mom.  I then took that image to quick ship and copy to have it mounted to foam core.  For that image it took me about 2 hours to edit.

For the rest of my project I am going to continue to try to sell more of my prints as well as get my prints to be out and about.  I have also planned to continue to post images to my website to be able to sell them as well as post them on social media in order to be able to get my work out and about.  I also was able to finalize many of my prices for pictures, and set them in my store.

Below are some of the images I have chosen to attempt to sell:

White Trees

Sunrise Golden Trees


Grand Tetons

Rexburg Temple at sunrise

Creative Resume

Creative Resume’s are a good way to show off work.

I am Joseph Wamsley.  I love trying to figure out ways to make things work.  I also like to try to figure out different ways to make my photos look the way I can imagine them being.  If I can’t figure it out on my own I am not afraid to ask for help to complete a certain project or task.  If I don’t know how to do a specific thing in one of the Adobe software I tend to google what I am looking for as well as play around until I figure out what I am trying to accomplish.  A great place that I have learned to edit pictures has been Kelby One.  The instructors there assist you by walking you through the steps to accomplish tasks, as well as Phlearn for photoshop.

When I was first trying to decide how to create my creative resume, I was looking around on pinterest and google for different creative ideas.  I stumbled across a resume that looked like a passport and thought that I would really like to try to recreate it.  I started by figuring out what a typical U.S passport size was, as well as setting my indesign document to that size.  I then started with the cover and selected colors that I thought would be somewhat close to the colors of an actual passport.  I then started on each of the pages which was fairly simple.  The only “time consuming” part of this project was making sure to use design principles well as well as designing my experience “stamps”.  I did this by first going into Adobe Illustrator and designing the stamps.  I then took those stamps into photoshop where I used a sponge brush to create the stamp look to them.  I then brought them into my Indesign file.  The below images are examples of what I was able to design and incorporate.  I would invite everyone to take a look at my website and go on the adventures of the various locations around me, using my images to enjoy the view.

Inside Pages of Creative Resume

Here is an example of what my creative resume looks like on the inside.

Front and back cover of creative resume

Here are the covers of my creative resume

Layout of design in indesign

This is the layout of my indesign documents.  I had the pages all together and laid out so that when they were folded they would appear in the right order.

Outdoor Architecture

Outdoor Architecture photography is a great skill

Outdoor architecture photography is also a great skill to be able to incorporate surrounding landscape as well as the buildings that are around us everywhere.  Many people also really like capturing images of houses that they think are amazing, as well as if anyone is selling a house they will want to have good pictures.  One of the great things that we learned with this project was a great way to take 2 different images by bracketing and then bringing in the parts of the images that you want to show up in the final image.  I was also doing a little research and found a great website for taking outdoor architecture pictures.

For these images I also used a tripod to stabilize my camera, therefore I had the image stabilization turned off.  I also had a little bit of a slower shutter speed, however because of the tripod I did not have any problems taking the images that I took.  For one of my images in post I combined 3 images so that I could have a piece of each image in the final image.  Also in post I adjusted the lighting a little as well as made sure that I had sharpened each image a little bit.  The below images were examples of the images I was able to capture.

Apartment with landscape

For this image I brought out some of the blue from the sky.  I also lightened up this image a little.

Apartment with tree and blue sky

For this image I combined 3 images and kept only some of the parts in the whole of the image.  Below are the original images I took and combined.

Architecture photo origional Architecture photo origional Architecture photo origional

Indoor Architecture Photography

Indoor architecture photography is a great tool

This past week we had the assignment to take pictures of different types of buildings.  We were required to do indoor photos as well as outdoor photos.  I really like seeing some of the fantastic buildings that were around Rexburg, Idaho.  The main thing that I struggled with the most was getting some of the indoor photos.  If I had had family members around with a house it would have been much easier to get my indoor shots, however I used some of the buildings on campus to get a good indoor architecture photograph.  I also found a great website that gave a great introduction to taking good architecture photographs.

For my settings I had my ISO set to about 100.  I also had a deep depth of field, in order to make sure that the building was all in focus.  I was also using my tripod in order to make sure that the pictures weren’t moved at all.  In order to have my camera on a tripod one of my instructors recommended turning off the image stabilization.  Cameras that have image stabilization are looking for movement, therefore if there is no movement but yet it keeps looking and causing movement as it looks.  I was able to capture some decent images.

Indoor Architecture with tables

For this image I used a little bit of sharpening as well as adjusting the lighting a little.

Indoor Architecture plants

For this image I took 3 images and then combined them in photoshop.  I used only the parts of each image that I liked.  Below are the original images that I took.

Indoor architecture original braketed  Indoor architecture original braketed  Indoor architecture original braketed

Legacy Flight Museum Accessories

Legacy Flight Museum accessories add to uniforms

During our photo excursion at the Legacy Flight Museum we had the opportunity to take pictures of various accessories.  I was able to find a ton of things to take pictures of in the upper part of the museum.  There was an older gentleman who collects old world war 2 accessories.  There were many guns and different types of weapons that he was able to find.  It was amazing for me to see the different older items that I could not even fathom where the gentleman was able to find them at.  I was able to find a great website for taking pictures of different accessories.

For most of these settings I made sure that I was getting close to the subject and having them be the center of attention.  I also had my speed light to help me capture each of the accessories.  All of the accessories were needing the speed light because of the dark corner where the light was less.  I also had to use a higher ISO in order to accommodate for the light.  I did very minor edits as I was preparing my images for this post.  Overall I was very pleased with all of my images.

Military Arm patch

For this image I used a speed light set on a counter top to light the patch.

WW 2 gernade launcher

For this image I also used a speed light with a higher power to light it.

Knife on backpack

For this image I also used a speed light to light the backpack and knife.

Legacy Flight Couples

Legacy flight Museum couples add to the props

While we were at the Legacy Flight Museum we had the chance to pose a couple of guys with a couple of girls.  For me this was fun, and a little easier to pose people, however, sometimes it was difficult because of the fact that some of the couples weren’t married or dating.  I still felt like it was a great chance to learn how to take pictures with people being posed together as a group.  I learned a lot about making sure that the light was really well spread out on both subjects and not just landing on one of them while not lighting the other.  I also found a great website for posing couples as well, granted most of these are more modern.

For my settings on most of these I had my wide angle lens on so that I could get the surroundings as well as getting the models in view as well.  I still had a little more of a high ISO because of my lack of light as well as having a little bit of a slower shutter speed as well.  For most of my images I made sure that the lighting was right by having einstein strobes and speed lights set up.  I found out that I really like using the einsteins and using the auxiliary lighting.

Dance dip

For this image I used a speed light as I had the man and woman dip.

Couple kissing by american flag

For this image I had an einstein strobe light.  I really liked the flag in the background so I tried to keep that in view as well.

Man and woman by plane

For this image I had natural lighting as well as an apollo orb.

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This is Joseph Wamsley!

This is Joseph Wamsley!

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